The pretty planetary nebula NGC 1501 is approximately 4200 light years away. About 10 thousand times closer by then the galaxy I imaged at the same night, but about 50 million times further out than Jupiter I often image as well....just to put things into perspective a bit ...

The image shows the remains of a dying red giant star, and is actually a combination of two sets of several thousands of images taken with the Pt Grey Blackfly (imx249) and ASI224MC (imx224) cameras used for luminance (detail) and color data respectively. The color camera has a smaller field of view, so I could only apply the color data on part of the image, which is why only a small section around the nebula shows any color.

full version

equipment used
40 cm Dobson made by Rik ter Horst
Point Grey Blackfly (IMX249 Mono)